Dispensing Service

EMM Life Science offers dispensing of in-house assays through Dispensing Service by Eurogentec.

Dispensing Service expands the possibility to secure quality of in-house assayer.

Dispensing Service means that primers, probes and mastermix, are pre-dispensed in a ”ready-to-use” format.

The dispensing is tailor made for every user and the possibilities are many:

  • 96-plates/384-plates/8-strips/4-strips for RotorGene with primer/probes/mastermix ready-to-use
  • Aliquotes of primer and probes in for example 10 x conc
  • Aliquotes of primer/probes/mastermix in eppendorf tubes-use as many reactions you need each time.
  • + more alternatives

Benefits with Dispensing Service:

  • reduced batch-to batch variation
  • easy handling
  • simplified traceability
  • increased flow
  • high quality

Eurogentec bild