eazyplex®, from the German diagnostics company Amplex Diagnostics GmbH, allows a quick and easy diagnosis of carbapenemase bacteria from the bacterial culture, swab or blood culture.

Panels for the detection of the most relevant karbapenemas genes: NDM, VIM, KPC, OXA-48, OXA-181, ESBL CTX-M-1 family and CTX-M-9 family.
Also panels for MRSA, C. difficile, CSF, VRE, EHEC and Candida auris, LAMP technique, two minutes extraction time, freeze-dried reagents.

Amplex was founded in 2002 when a close cooperation between customers all over the globe, hospitals as well as laboratory consultants and international scientists, was established and is still growing. This fruitful network is energizing the R&D department and is an integral part of the products.

Amplex is the first company in the world, who developed a CE IVD marked MRSA multiplex-PCR test for direct screening of patient samples. Easy handling, competent training and an excellent support are just a matter of course.

So it is just a chain of reasoning that Amplex is now one of the first suppliers for CE IVD marked diagnostics based on isothermal amplification, again at the forefront. With the new eazyplex®system you confirm resistances within 15 min or screen for multi-resistant bacteria within 30 min. The new Genie® system allows the diagnostic to be at the point of need; as fast as never before!

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