As IVDR is implemented at our suppliers, user manuals and other documents will be continuously updated, please contact us for the latest version of a specific user manual.


EMM Life Science AB has a broad portfolio with molecularbiology products for various techniques such as molecularbiological testing with qPCR, immunobased rapid tests and ELISA, IHC, blotting and chromogenic media.

Amplex fast and simple molecular biological diagnostics of carbapenemase-producing bacteria.

Apacor offers products for the concentration of parasites from faeces through its unique patented filtration system Parasep®.

AusDiagnostics has a wide range of semi-automated molecular panels that use the Multiplex-Tandem PCR principle.

Biosynex designs, manufactures and distributes Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDT).

BOSCH - Vivalytic enables rapid PCR responses and comprehensive syndrome tests in one and the same instrument.

CHROMagar produce a variety of chromogenic media.

Cube dx provides a unique detection and identification of bacteria and fungi directly from whole blood within 3 hours.

Dynex Technologies fully automatic systems for ELISA, for laboratories in all sizes.

Eurogentec provides dispensing service for in-house assays.

GeneProof developes molecularbiology qPCR products such as Herpes virus group, Borrelia and Legionella pneumophila.

Giles Scientific BIOMIC V3 uses digital imaging to automate the reading and CLSI/EUCAST interpretation of clinical microbiology tests.

NG Biotech Laboratoires produces high-quality multiplex rapid tests for confirmation of antibiotic resistance and SARS-CoV-2.

R-Biopharm offers qPCR products, quicktest, ELISA and IHC focusing on gastro- and allergy diseases.

Tecan IBL international has kits for diagnostics in autoimmunity, endocrinology, immunology, infectious diseases, neurodegeneration and neurotransmitters.

ZeptoMetrix NATtrolâ„¢- Molecular controls.

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