CHROMagar Candida Plus - For detection and differentiation of major clinical Candida species, including C. auris

Candida auris was detected for the first time in Japan, by Dr. Makimura team in 2009. Since then, it has been the cause of heavy invasive fungal infections and hospital outbreaks worldwide.

Many of the isolated isolates also show a high level of resistance to antifungals and the cause of contamination of hospital equipment.

In 2020, the WHO added Candida auris to the list of priority pathogens for micro-organisms under worldwide surveillance.

CHROMagarTM, have now modified the formulation of the commonly used CHROMagarTM Candida so to have Candida auris growing in a very specific morphology: light blue colonies with halo and blue from the back of the plate.

- First chromogenic isolation medium that detects and differentiates auris in addition to other important clinical Candida species such as C. albicans, C. tropicalis, C. glabrata or C. krusei.

- High sensitivity and specificity (100% for both)

- High Specificity. Allows the differentiation of the common Candidaspecies with a very high specificity (3)

C. albicans ~ 100 %

C. tropicalis ~ 100 %

C. krusei ~ 100 %

For sensitivity/specificity, please see link


Easy identification. Identification by MALDI-TOF can be carried directly from a colony, no need of subculture.

Same color differentiation for the other common Candida species as the already widely used CHROMagarTM Candida

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