Rapid tests

RIDA®QUICK Rapid assays for antigen detection

Art No Description Type No of Tests
GN3041 RIDA®QUICK IFX Monitoring Cassette 25
GN3043 RIDA®QUICK ADM Monitoring Cassette 25
N1002       RIDA®QUICK Rotavirus / Adenovirus Combi Strip 25
N1003 RIDA®QUICK Rotavirus / Adenovirus Combi Cassette 20
N2403 RIDA®QUICK Campylobacter Cassette 25
N0703 RIDA®QUICK Clostridium difficile GDH Cassette 25
N0803 RIDA®QUICK Clostridium difficile Toxin A/B Cassette 25
N1202 RIDA®QUICK Cryptosporidium Strip 25
N1203 RIDA®QUICK Cryptosporidium Cassette 20
N1122 RIDA®QUICK Cryptosporidium / Giardia Combi Strip 25
N1123 RIDA®QUICK Cryptosporidium / Giardia Combi Cassette 20
N1722 RIDA®QUICK Cryptosporidium / Giardia / Entamoeba Combi Strip 25
N1723 RIDA®QUICK Cryptosporidium / Giardia / Entamoeba Combi Cassette 20
N1702 RIDA®QUICK Entamoeba Strip 25
N1703 RIDA®QUICK Entamoeba Cassette 20
N1102 RIDA®QUICK Giardia Strip 25
N1103 RIDA®QUICK Giardia Cassette 20
N8003 RIDA®QUICK Legionella Cassette 25
N7006/N7007 RIDA®QUICK Malaria    
N1402 RIDA®QUICK Norovirus Cassette 20
N0902 RIDA®QUICK Rotavirus Strip 25
N0903 RIDA®QUICK Rotavirus Cassette 20
N2202 RIDA®QUICK Verotoxin / O157 Combi Strip 25
N2203 RIDA®QUICK Verotoxin / O157 Combi Cassette 20
Z1003 RIDA® Anreicherungsbouillon mTSB-Bouillon with Mitomycin C for the
enrichment of verotoxin-producing EHEC bacteria
Bouillon 25

RIDA®QUICK Positive Controls

Art.No.   Description Size
GP3041 RIDA®QUICK IFX Monitoring Control Set 1,2 ml
GP3043 RIDA®QUICK ADM Monitoring Control Set  
NP1904 RIDA®QUICK Rotavirus/Adenovirus Combi Control 1,8 ml
NP2404 RIDA®QUICK Campylobacter Control 1,8 ml
NP0804 RIDA®QUICK Clostridium difficile Toxin A/B 1,8 ml
NP0704 RIDA®QUICK Clostridium difficile GDH Control 1,8 ml
NP1704 RIDA®QUICK Parasite Combi (Cryptosporidium/Giardia/Entamoeba) 1,8 ml
NP7004 RIDA®QUICK Malaria Control  
NP1404 RIDA®QUICK Norovirus 1,8 ml
NP2204 RIDA®QUICK Verotoxin / O157 1,8 ml


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